CACM Events

Our community outreach, travel and special projects are instrumental to our success as an organization of the people. Please take the time to get involved in your community and ours. Donations of time and money are tax deductible and needed as we move our mission forward!



CACM Board of Directors

Gilleme (Oct 2016)

Our team has been on the ground in Gilleme  on a  rescue mission  and moving peoples to  safer  area  and doing clean water distribution. We opened the  road to enter Gilleme  and distributing  clean  water  to  those who have been  impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

Chadonnires (Oct 2016)

100% of the houses  have been  distroyed and  we don’t  know  the true impact  yet .our team is still conducting  rescue  mission  and impacting  the domage   house to look for life  and dead bodies. We are providing  clean water and trying to  keep everyone  healthy  and feeding  them. We ha 200 families  who were  impact  more then 300 homeless  in Chadonnires

Meeting with Tampa Mayor (Date)

Meeting with the Mayor of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn, to strategize on creating a more engaging relationship between the Caribbean community and the local corporate and government sectors.

Voter Registration Drive & Adopt-A-Precinct event on August 30th.

The mission of the Caribbean American Civic Movement is to empower the Caribbean people, to increase awareness of their civic and human rights regardless of race and color and religious background; and to enhance their knowledge of the social, economic and political systems in the United States and abroad. CACM is recognized by the Supervisor of Elections as a 3rd Party Registration organization.  Since April of this we have sponsored several Voter Registration drives in the state of Florida to encourage all people to exercise their right and register to vote.
In an effort to support our mission as an organization, the Caribbean American Civic Movement participated in the Adopt-A-Precinct movement on August 30, 2016.  We were represented in 3 different precincts which will be a continued effort for CACM for years to come.  With our presence in the precincts locally we desire to encourage and to bring awareness to the Caribbean community to stand up and be counted.  Our hope is to grow and adopt more precincts for the upcoming Presidential election on November 8, 2016.  Let God arise and the enemies be scattered…all lives matter…will you join CACM and stand up and be counted?

Haitian Embassy Meeting in Washington DC (Date)

We had a very serious meeting with The Haitian embassy in Washington about the Haitian refugees. It’s was very nice to meet with the Minister Counselor William Exantus. We are looking forward to form a great coalitions with the Caribbean Ambassadors. To integrate the Caribbean Nations further into our local community.