We have helped over 400 immigrants complete their paperwork. We have formed a coalition of 100 Pastors in Dominican Republic to respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters in the Dominican

Support Center Project

Our Field Director, Patrice Ruine and his team is coordinating an effort to provide food and water for “The  Deportees” from the Dominican Republic at the border city in  Fond Parisien. We have 49 families including 100 children.


I am a deportee. We are suffering. The kids are crying of the hot sun. We don’t really have much space for shade. We have  no homes to live in.  We would appreciate your help. We have no job. We have nothing to do. Everyone is going through a lot on the street. We want to be in a better position. We also need to relocate. The owner of the school is requesting for his school back. We don’t want any disappointment from anyone. We just need the help to get us going. Even if it is to sell water. Unfortunately selling in Dominican Republic would not be possible since we can’t get in.


(Patrice Ruine) We are with another deportee from Dominican Republic. To give us some word of her point of view and what is needed to help them. Lets’s here what she has to say.

(Refugee) Afternoon, I am a refugee from Dominican Republic. I am a thrown away refugee. I am still a Dominican at heart. I am a deportee because I’m not in my country. Now I been force to return. I am at a location if I die I shouldn’t die like this. Well, we arrived in June. Immigration started to gather the Haitians since 2nd of January. There are some that have ran away.  There are some that has been shot and died in small forest. For those that didn’t run. They push you in the truck with no regards. Taken to jail and locked up with kids with no food to eat and drink.