Although, no one knows how many people have been impacted by Hurricane Matthew we know that devastation and tragedy is present.  CACM has been
reaching out to the people and the local authorities in the  Dominican Republic and in Haiti continuously. Our local staff and partners  (Ministerio International De Capellanes Socorro Humano.Inc), have joined  forces with the local fire fighters(ANB) and police Department in the DR to  access the damage and the most vulnerable areas.  In Haiti, we are working with Mayor Jean Gabriel Fortune assisting with Clean water, dry non-perishable food and assisting with relocating people to safer, less affected areas. 249 Deaths have been recorded in Aux Cayes  and currently 200,000 People are homeless.The main road is destroyed and the only method of access is by water via boats. This will be a challenge to provide assistance, but we are committed, and will renting boat and utilize the locals fire fighters from the Dominican Republic to assist us with the provisions to those in need. As of today’s date we have helped 600 people affected by this disaster and we will continue to help more with your assistance.

There is an urgency to get the supplies to those affected and this can only be done by donated funds. Your funds will cover the cost of:

  • Equipment
  • Food / Water
  • Supplies
  • Transportation of Survivors to Safe Zones

All check donations should be made payable to Caribbean American Civic Movement or you can go to our website : and  click on make a difference then click donate.

If you choose to make your donation via the website please send a follow up email to to ensure that you receive a receipt for tax deduction purposes. Please note that all donations made to our organization is Tax Deductible and can be used as a tax write off on your taxes at the end of the year.

If you have any questions please contact –  Daniel Thelusmar at 8132157191.

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